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Mad Men Party

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OK. You are OK.” -Don Draper.

I was dripping with happiness when given the job to plan a surprise party for Clarece, an avid fan of the Mad Men series. I had never watched the show, but love it now.  It’s brilliant, you should check it out.  Anyway,  Andria (Clarece’s sister) gave me complete creative control.  I planned the invitation (which was a DVD format… wanna see it?  GO HERE), food, decorations, color schemes, guest book, party favors, etc.

The location is in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City named “The Oh! Space”.  My small crew and I had all of thirty minutes to set up, and we really could have used 2 hours.  Thankfully many of Clarece’s friends arrived early and were more than willing to step in and help make the place look amazing!

Misti Lanier did the photography for me, along with setting up tables, hanging lights, unpacking boxes, etc.  I think you will agree that she did a great job once you scroll through the upcoming photos.

Lisa Clark of Sweet Addictions Cupcakes prepared three fabulous flavors for the party; Red Velvet, Champagne Infused Strawberry, and Double Chocolate.

Normally, it would take 30 minutes alone to set up the cupcake tiers along with placing the cupcakes on them.

To properly feed a “Mad Men” crowd, one should stick to the basics of our parents generation.  Our menu consisted of:

Traditional deviled eggs:

Do ya like the appetizer picks I created?  The photo’s were loaned to me by Clarece’s mother, Angie.  The Mad Men cartoons I got from this website.

Madison Ave. Meatballs (really I used a bottle of Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce from Tastefully Simple.  You can order some if you like… go HERE):

Shrimp Cocktail – A must.

Three different dips with chips – So 60’s Party Style

Grilled Cheese Panini Sandwiches with Pesto – Okay… not so 60’s, but a HUGE hit!

Look at all the sexy people… they’re loving the food!

The big moment arrived… Clarece finally entered the room, and I’m pretty sure she was surprised.

I was so pleased that everyone dressed “the part”.  The Mad Men theme went unbelievably well..

Fedora’s as far as the eye could see…

There was so much love and laughter.

That is not what it looks like below… It’s a candy cigarette.  A Mad Men candy cigarette.

There was a bar supplied by Goodfella’s in OKC.

Have you ever seen a better looking family?

A few other “special” touched I gave the event was a personalized guest book, structured like a scrapbook, but where friends and family could write special messages to Clarece; Candy Cigarettes with special Mad Men logo’s on each box; and a vintage baby blue typewriter.

Here’s a better idea what the Oh! Space looks like from different angles..

From the back of the room looking towards the front door, you can see the loft upstairs, the billiards table, and happy shiny people.

The view from the baby grand piano looks towards the back of the room.  And… if you look closely, you can see January Jones on the flat screen.

I hope Clarece and her guests had as much fun at the party as I had planning it.

Thank you Andria for giving me this opportunity!


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  1. AuntG a.k.a Gail Woolsey

    Angee & Isaac,
    My Destin Vacation Buddies, My how Isaac has grown. Loved the party theme it was to cute.Misti brags on your creations all the time. Great Job.


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