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A League Of Their Own…

Lisa aka Sweet Addictions Cupcakes, hit me up to make her oldest daughter and friend costumes for the upcoming holiday.  I think I may have had a little too much wine in my blood when I agreed whole-heartedly.  Ha!  It was challenging, and rewarding… but I may not look at my sewing machine for a while.

You have to see this!

This is the first dress Kiely has ever worn, I think.  She liked how it “twirled”.  I like that.

These girls have no idea how beautiful they are.  That’s probably a good thing, just ask their fathers’.

I made the patches that went on the sleeves and the chest.  I did not make the hats.  I mean, who has time for that?

So, do you know which players they chose to be?  Did you notice their numbers?  First person to comment with the correct answer will receive all the patches I made that I was unsatisfied with.  They’re pretty good.. you could use them for coasters?? (Lisa, you may not play this game.)































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  1. These are amazing! I work at a sports bar and the boss would just die if us girls had this costume for Halloween. Great job!!!

  2. A whole bunch of friends and I did this group costume for Halloween in hs. I had white tshirts made with numbers, bought white tennis skirts, and dyed them all with RIT dye in the washer. I found the patches online and printed them onto iron on transfer paper. The best part was the parade the senior class did around the grade school classrooms. We memorized the song, which won us the best group category. Best idea ever!

    Your costumes are beautiful! You should sew more and sell them on etsy! Girl power! 🙂

  3. Is it Kit and Dottie?

  4. Dottie and kit!

  5. Did you have a pattern for this or did you wing it? My teen daughter & her friend are begging me to do this!

    • Laura, I bought a very generic pattern, but altered it. I’m not good at following directions, so there was quite a bit of seam-ripping, and a few fittings. Once I was finished, I had the learning curve down. The patches I free-handed with fabric puffy paint. I took the finished dresses to a local sporting outfit to have the numbers put on the back. Also, b/c the fabric was thin I used backing on it to stiffen the fabric and make it to where one couldn’t see through their dresses. Hit me up if you have any questions.

  6. my daughter was a softball player since the age of 5 & got a softball scholarship for college. this was our all time fav movie! she now wants it for halloween. i have ms & sew on machine with my hand on foot peddle. i hope to try to make it for her. any other advice would be helpful. would u be interested in making her 1 & price if u would. tx. so much. . .

  7. You did a great job. I made this costume two years ago for my daughter, her favorite movie. It was difficult to make. I used two patterns and had to ‘work’ them together at the waist. I ordered the front patch and used a reversible iron on for the numbers on the back. Yours look fabulous. Love them.

  8. this costume is probably the BEST i have seen! (btw, love that it was just pinned on Pinterest by the Today Show!). I honestly think I have to make this for myself for next year! i have no clue where to start with it though!

  9. Kit and Dottie!!! I adore this movie! Your skills are amazing; these costumes came out fantastic. I can’t even believe you handmade the patches!! I suppose I’m a little late to “the game” for a patch, right? I would live to attempt this costume for myself next year..
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    Have a great day!!

  10. I love the Rockford Peaches costumes. Would you make one for a girl size 7-8 for a school event? Please email me and let me know. Thanks.

  11. I love the costume. Do you take special orders for the Rockford Peaches costume? I would love to have one for a girl size 7-8 for a school presentation. Thanks.

  12. omg! I cannot believe I am JUST seeing all these amazing comments!! Nancy, I am ever so sorry that I did not read these months ago! I sadly set this blog up under an email address I rarely check. I have been so busy with completing my bachelors, I never thought to check it. Maybe for Halloween this year? You can always reach me quickly at Thanks for all the kind comments!

  13. Stacey – The pattern I used was a 99 cent McCall Pattern. Very simple, it had long sleeves and was knee-length. I added the belt-loops, shortened it, and made the sleeves the proper length.
    Cayla – UNBELIEVABLE! I’m going to Pinterest right now to check out The Today Show’s pins! 🙂

  14. Julie – If you still want a patch, I can probably create one for you. 🙂 My email address is two comments below.


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