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The New & Improved Strawberry Shortcake

If you are anywhere near my age, you remember the first (the original) Strawberry Shortcake.  It wasn’t until recently that I even knew that she had progressed with the times.  Well, good for her.  On one hand, I want S.S. to be the same sweet girl I knew and loved as a child, on the other hand I know that like everything in life.. “the times, they are a’changing” (thanks Bob Dylan).  I also understand that B.D. would never sing about S.S., but for a woman like myself, I am having a hard time with her new look.  I feel like she would ride in cars with boys, whereas the ole gal would maybe let a boy use her wheel-barrow.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m getting old, and it took the S.S. new make-over to show me.  Regardless, I was involved with a four-year-olds birthday.  And although I disagree with the new look, I went with it.  Want to see it?  Here we go..  I made a strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream icing.  Between the layers I placed fresh sliced strawberries.  I thought this was a mistake, because when the cake was out of the refrigerator for more than ten minutes, i could feel the layers trying to escape each other.  But once we cut into the cake and tried it… UNBELIEVABLE.  The best cake ever.  Hands down.

The cupcakes were Chocolate with Nutella Buttercream Icing, Almond-White with Strawberry Buttercream & Chocolate Buttercream.

I also made the fashionable skirt worn by the birthday girl.

Here she is with her cousin.

We ordered a package from Dimple Prints.  She has really good ideas, check out her Etsy Store too.  Here’s some of the looks:

Inside these cute paper strawberries are pink, green, and red M&M’s.

See the “Food” sign?  That too is Dimple Prints.  The tags next to the food is all Social Butterflies.

The Strawberry Crush (and other flavors) was a huge hit!  We took the S.S. paper logo off the party favors that you blow into, and the paper curly thing shoots out… what are those called?  Leave me a comment if you know.  Anyway, we tied them to the bottles with green ribbon.  Too cute…

My dad made a great bean-bag-toss, & I painted the “new” S.S. on it.  Check it out:

I also made the bean bags for the game:

The kids played other games, and there were prizes for all..

I’m pretty sure the party was a hit.  😉


About thesocialbutterflies

Custom cakes, personalized party needs, unique costumes.... if you can think of it, I will make it happen! Check out my blog and the photo's that accompany it.

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  1. thank you so- much for helping make meredith’s party such a huge success. she loved it and we did too! xoxo

  2. You did an amazing job! I’m not sure I like the new Strawberry Shortcake either, but you made her look great!


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