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Thomas, Good ole Thomas.

My three year old loves, loves, loves Thomas.  I guess that’s pretty common.  For his birthday I constructed the most amazing cake.  Check this out..

The cupcake tier was also really fun..

I wanted to make food that was kid friendly, and more importantly… Maxwell-friendly.  Most people who know Max, may think that he runs on batteries, for the lack of eating that he does.  So here’s a run down..

This one was very popular with the adult consumers.

The best part of the party was when Maxwell woke up and saw all the helium filled balloons and Thomas decorations..

Look at that crazy bedhead and Jack Nickelson eyes.

A few weeks later, we took the boys to see the real Thomas the Train at the Oklahoma Railway Museum.

Isaac loves his brother so much.  And I’m sure Maxwell feels the same.  🙂



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Custom cakes, personalized party needs, unique costumes.... if you can think of it, I will make it happen! Check out my blog and the photo's that accompany it.

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