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Monthly Archives: September 2011

A House Warming Surprise

Recently we held a surprise house-warming gathering for a special lady.  Amber had just closed on her new home the day before the party.  Her friends and I knew she needed just about everything for her house, so what better way to help Amber than supplying her with gift cards from all her favorite stores.

I made about 25 of these super cute (and super easy to make) gift card holders.  I got the pattern from one of my favorite websites.  If you like to craft or need fun ideas check out  Heather Bailey.

I know, I know… how many photo’s of ‘boxes‘ can one person take?  Well, consider yourself lucky.  I only posted five out of… oh, I don’t know.. maybe 30?

Back to Amber…. we bought her some beautiful Gerber daisies which made a fun addition to the already gorgeous tablescape.

There was a delicious spread of food for everyone to enjoy… fresh vegetables (with Tonie’s special Ranch Dip), humus, pasta salad (I should say.. Chris’ Unbelievable Pasta Salad).

..buttery croissants, Social Butterflies Chicken Salad..

..Lemonade Mini-Cupcakes & Strawberry Champagne Infused Mini-Cupcakes from Sweet Addictions Cupcakes

Amber’s mother, Chris made this stunning fruit bouquet and sinfully delicious dip.  (side note:  my favorite part of the whole day was when Chris was helping clean up, she grabbed a big spoon out of the silverware drawer, stirred the dip, then took a huge spoonful and ate it.  I cracked up… totally thought she was going to put it in the plastic container!  She’s so dainty, I didn’t expect this at all.  I hold her in a whole new level of awesomeness)


I just love this photo of Jamie B.  She’s all posted up next to the dessert table.  Good girl!

Amber’s sweet Aunt Becky & cousin Haley.

Amy & Tami

Cousin’s Haley & Emily

Chris, Tonie, and Amy deserve so much credit on this party.  They pulled it all together for me and I was very glad to have their help.
(Left to right:  Chris, Amber, Amy, and Tonie)

I know that Amber was able to purchase lots of items she needed for her sons and herself.  Her house is so incredibly cute!  Once she has it completely furnished and decorated the way she wants, I will be sure to post some photo’s on the “random photo’s” section of this blog.

By the way, today is “Thank A Stranger Day”.  So say thanks to someone who does something nice for you.  🙂


Happy Couple #2; The Darr’s

I had so much fun working with Kathie and Dusty.  They are such a sweet and east going couple.  When I first interviewed Kathie, I was informed that there would be no programs, no party favors, and no guestbook.  Programs?  Okay, I’m good with that.. Party favors… cool.  But no guestbook??  Yesh.. I don’t think so.  She had a great point though.. “I’ll never look at that book again.  Ever.”  So I let her know I would construct a guestbook that she would proudly look at time and time again, and share with anyone who visited her home.  She sent me lots of great pictures of Dusty and herself, and I made the most amazing guest/scrapbook ever.  Take a gander at some of their great shots:

I mean, really… how sweet are they?

It’s kind of funny though, I had never met Dusty yet I had been looking at his and Kathie’s photos for over a month.  When the rehearsal finally arrived he came up to me to introduce himself, I was all “no handshake, I’ll take a hug.. I’ve been staring at your mug for weeks now!”  He probably thought to himself- what the hell is she talking about….  I hope he didn’t think I was stalking him.  Ha!

So the rehearsal went beautifully.

(Bah-hahahaha… this photo is awesome!)

(you put your left hand in, you put your left hand out… and you shake it all about… heh heh)

I was fortunate enough to have a good friend of mine help me at the last minute, Tonie W.  Between the two of us, I feel like we eased all concerns, and directed the wedding party with grace and thoughtfulness.  The bridesmaids were all sisters and/or family members of Kathie.  They were a cute and wild bunch of women.

The groomsmen were just as brilliant.

The day of the wedding started very early.  Tonie and I brought bagels and cream cheese from Panera Bread, a big jug of coffee from Starbucks, and the necessary emergency kits full of altoids, band-aids, sewing kits, tide to-go, bobby pins, etc.

We were able to spend some time prior to the wedding with the ladies.  I was able to take a few shots of them getting ready for the big day.

I think this photo of sister Kerry is breathtaking.

Sister Ann was the responsible for making sure all the ladies had stunning do’s.


As usual, once it got down to crunch time, my camera stayed nice and cozy in it’s lovely carrying case. I didn’t get any of the handsome men on film.   So the next few photo’s I’ll show you are ones I gladly swiped from the bride’s FB page.



uh-oh…. Okay, that’s not going to work.  I tell you what, as soon as Melissa Mize (The Darr’s Photographer) is finished with the photo’s she captured, I will post some of the favorites.

If you want a to know from the bride and groom how pleased they were, leave a comment and I’ll have them get in touch with you.