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Super Mario Madness

We had the best client today!  Mr. Cash had his sixth birthday party today, and I’m pretty sure he and his guests were thrilled with the outcome!  Cash is very much into the video-gaming arts, particularly those including Mario & Luigi.  Melanie constructed the most amazing cupcake tier that included his name, lots of bright colors, and Mario Brothers & friends.

I made the vanilla/almond cupcakes with a basic butter cream frosting in various colors, along with mini-cupcakes resembling mushrooms.  Then, I made him his very own cake..

We also made “Cake-Lollipops”(made to look like “Yoshi-Eggs”), Chocolate dipped marshmallows, and had nostalgic pinwheel suckers on display.

I love how it looks like Mario is jumping out of the suckers!

Melanie’s best friend, Shirley, blew up tons of balloons and placed a gold coin in each balloon.  The children eventually popped all the balloons and used their treasures to “buy” candy from “Shy Guy’s Sugar Shack”.

Mustaches were worn by all…

my mustache kept falling off.

I’m fairly sure that Cash, brother Jett, and all the friends & cousins had an amazing time.  We’re looking forward to the next big event!


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