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The Big Day…

For months, we have been working with an amazing couple on planning their wedding.  At the first meeting Susan and Michael were given a lengthy questionaire on everything from the bridal party’s names and contact information to whom would pick up the chairs once the ceremony was over.  We’re talking 15 pages of who, what, when, where…..

The second meeting was at The Oklahoma State Capitol, the location of the ceremony.  Melanie and I walked up and down stairs with Susan on the slick marble floors admiring the beautiful art and the new dome.  It was then we decided it would be a great idea to bedazzle some Nike’s instead of risking a broken neck wearing high heels.  After lots of debates over where the chairs should be, which elevators to use, which dressing rooms to use, and every other detail we could imagine we left feeling rather confident.

The third meeting was at The Will Rogers Theater, the location of the reception.  We discussed menu and drink options with Ben, the coordinator of this fabulous theater.  You should really go here sometime, maybe plan an event there..

The rehearsal went very well.  Michael and Susan were giddy.  There were perma-grins on each of their faces as Melanie and I bossed people around.  It was so cute.

(Nani (Matron of Honor), Hope (Flowergirl), Susan, Judge Don, Michael, David (Best Man), Brad (Groomsman)

Here are the lovely bridesmaids.  Farrah, Gina, Laura, & Lauren.

I should probably mention that the Capitol is NOT air conditioned in the Rotunda.  Not at all.  Seriously.  Oh, and did I mention it was 102 degrees outside on this day?

All smiles.

So then, the big day came.  There was so much to do, and so many miles walked back and forth in that large Capitol building.  Melanie and I thought it would be very smart to bring ice cold water bottles, Chic-Fil-A nuggets for the bridal party, other snacks, and any neccessity one could possibly imagine.

Included in the “emergency kit” was advil, barrettes, deoderent, lotion, bandaids, a sewing kit, hairspray, toothbrushes, floss, gum, a tiny fan (much needed in this location), kleenex’s, and a tide stick.

We had ice chests full of water bottles, and offered Cheez-Its, M&M’s, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, gum, pixie sticks, and fruit roll-ups.

Susan & Michael were very innovative in having their wedding programs shaped as fans.  As I mentioned before, the temperature was a bit warm.

We maybe should have handed these little guys out to guests as well.  😉

However, these were handed out to the guests, and they will be very useful for a very long time.

Here are the men involved in the wedding.  Blake, Patrick, Michael, David, Zach, Brad, and Michael S.  They were trying to recreate the “Last Supper” with a Blues Brothers flair.  They were a funny bunch prior to the wedding, and I was glad to babysit them instead of the ladies.  The ladies were on their best behavior, while these guys were making hilarious jokes, and taking full advantage of the microphone system in this room.

The bride was stunning.  The ceremony went without a single flaw.  All and all, we feel like we did a great service for these two.

Oh!  I want to give one more shout out to their photographer, Lee Davenport.  He was there two hours prior to the ceremony, and stayed until the very end of the reception.  They certainly got their money’s worth out of him.  Check out his website.


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